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Todd Muffoletto started working with computers in the mid 90’s. Approximately in 1998 the first website was created representing the first of many avenues of web presence that eventually paved the way for Muffoletto’s Computer Services. During that time, many computers that were used to create and maintain websites needed updating or repair requiring Todd to “take the bull by the horns” and not only work with computers but learn how to work on computers as well.

During all of this time, Todd found himself working full time for a handful of “Big Box” retail stores in the same field he was studying. In addition to that, he went on to college to obtain his certification for PC Support & earned his degree in hardware & networking.

In 2004 while working in retail, Todd was introduced to a lady that agreed to be his first client. To make sure that she had complete confidence in him to get the job done he proposed an agreement. Todd said “If I can’t fix the problem, I won’t charge you ~even for the time involved.” This made the lady feel very good about the decision to allow him in her home to help her with the computer problem. As it turns out, Todd was successful in helping her. In fact, she was so happy, she provided him with many contacts and referrals.

After all of that, everything grew to create what is now Muffoletto’s Computer Servcies.

Muffoletto’s Computer Repair Services provides solutions including virus removal and general computer repair services quickly and affordably. For much less than what you’d expect, we will have you up and running again quick enough as well as thorough, it’ll seem like nothing even happened in the first place. Computer programs, pc installs, networking needs, virus removals, website creation and more, Muffoletto’s Computer Services will be with you every step of the way for any of your tech questions and needs.

Muffoletto’s Computer Services (MCS) can solve your pc repair, computer tune up, installs, upgrade or virus removal project and provide solutions to your general computer challenges quickly without damaging your pocketbook. We believe you don’t have to break that piggy bank just get your tech working properly again. Muffoletto’s Computer Services understands that you probably be under enough stress with the current tech challenge that we take pride in providing comfort in stead of adding more stress to your current situation. Just because your computer or device seems older but still does what you need it to do, why throw it into a land fill? Let us tune it up or make the repairs for you to get your device performing like new again. Our mission at Muffoletto’s Computer Services is to provide all of our clients peace of mind when dealing with computer repair and virus removal as well as general pc repair & electronic service needs for an excellent price. When repair prices meet or go above the cost of a new device similar to what you have, we don’t blame you for thinking its better to just go buy new and throw away your current tech product. That’s why we like to keep our prices not only competitive but low enough to allow more thought in keeping and repairing what you have instead of scrapping the old and just buying new.

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