What We Do & What To Expect

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What We Do & What To Expect:

In most circumstances, Todd travels to your home or office to help with your I.T. challenge. Depending on the clients schedule he is more than happy to meet else where or the client is more than welcome to drop the machine off at Todd’s home office in Merrillville, IN.

Residing in Merrillville Indiana, Todd has already traveled to many different area’s of Chicago, Il. and has gone as far East as Lakeside, MI. plus many of the cities and towns in between.


Cost for all jobs will be discussed prior to beginning of each job as an ESTIMATED AMOUNT. For whatever reason if the job is going to be more (or some cases less, believe it or not) it will be discussed and approved by the client before continuing the project.

What We Do & What To Expect:

Muffoletto’s Computer Services takes care of but doesn’t limit to:

  • Desktops & Notebooks / PC & Mac
  • Virus Removal (Complete System Clean-up included & always performed with any virus removal)
  • Installs or Upgrades ~ Software & Hardware
  • Remote Assistance w/phone support
  • Consultation / Advice
  • Web Services (Site builds, SEO)
  • Data Recovery
  • New PC or Peripheral Setup (scanners, printers, etc.)
  • Networking
  • Email Setup
  • Internet Setup

Plus much more! Contact us Now for full details.
Don’t worry about disconnecting and reconnecting anything…We come to you! YES! finally a tech service that will come right to your door, and prefers to do so. That’s right, Muffoletto’s Computer Services will come to your home or place of business so you can concern yourself with other activities. The last thing we want you to go through is stressing out over cost of repairs, the time loss involved or anything at all. You have enough in your life going on without having to worry about unplugging this not breaking that and then re-connecting everything when done. We have clients located in a tri-state area including Northwest Indiana, Chicago land and we travel into certain ares of Michigan. However, if you are located in an area outside of this then a phone appointment can be made and the possibility of remote connection is available also for less than what you’d except. In addition, we understand you need your equipment up and running “yesterday” so we also do this with a tremendously quick turn around time. In fact, we prefer things are left as they normally are so we can see the environment that everything is taking place in, this allows the solution to to present itself much quicker.

Virus removals, network issues, upgrades/pc builds, website creation and more can be solved by contacting us now with an email or an old fashioned phone call. No problems or issues yet? Feel free to contact us anyway so you can rest easy knowing someone will be there when you need them to be. We would love to establish a relationship with you soon so that you can be comfortable in requesting our help when the time comes.

The next time you find yourself scratching your head, cursing your device or just get plainly frustrated about any computer repair, virus removal, or service issue or project, please contact us we want to save you money as well as time.
before assuming “it will cost too much.” ~Because it won’t.

Remember, “If you’re not happy, then Muffoletto’s Computer Repair Services is not happy.”

– Todd Muffoletto –


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