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Pc repair made easy. Low prices, quick service, friendly advice Muffoletto’s Computer Services provides help through out the United States. Complete PC tune ups with virus removal ONLY $100.00! Remote connection is available for those not within driving distance provided a working internet connection is available.

Tech Support | Computer Repair

Tired of being transferred out of the country to get tech support for a product that should just “plug and play”?  For a reasonable charge I can walk you through your tech problems with ease.  New device installs, modem or

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Computer Parts

Looking for computer components or maybe a new computer? Just about any technology component, accessory or even a new computer can be found at, my partner company. Computer parts, ram memory, computer cases, new computers, hard to find items

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Save Your Computer

Don’t throw away your computer if it’s just running slow. Has your computer acquired a nasty virus that you can’t get rid of or is it just so bogged down with junk you don’t know what to do? Before you

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Virus Removal

Remove that nasty virus with something that is lightwieght, efficient and comes with a free trial that still gets rid of the virus infection even if you decide not to purchase the Avast pro version.

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Data Recovery

I can’t stress this enough… Protect your files before you can’t. Five bucks a month is all it costs to make sure when you need to recover your data you just have to “log-in“. Related Blogs

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Create File Backup

Create your file backup now before the inevitable happens.  Unfortunately, hard drives, external hard drives, flash drives and the like are destined to do one thing; FAIL.  Don’t let hard drive failure and or procrastination give you a huge headache

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Computer PC Repair Valparaiso, IN

Muffoletto’s Computer Services spent the day in Valparaiso, IN helping someone with video editing software to change .mov files to .mpeg to later go to an .ISO image ready for DVD creation.  I’m happy to say the process was successful and had

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PC Repair

Today was very eventful pc repair day for Muffoletto’s Computer Services.  With the help of a client in Merrillville, a recommendation to another client in Lake Station was made.  True networking among businesses.  Special thanks to both clients!

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Remote PC Repair

Need your computer to be “tuned up” but you would rather not unplug all those cables or risk damage on the way out the door to the shop? Provided you have a working internet connection then you may not have

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Windows Will Not Update

Updating your windows operating system is something that should be done on a regular basis. Most of the time windows updates install without a problem. However, from time to time a problem can arise. Unfortunately, it is a matter of

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