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Windows 7 Calculator

Windows 7 Calculator The Windows 7 calculator is robust enough to handle not only simple math but far more advanced functions such as statistics, programming and also offers scientific capabilities as well. The calculator can be used via the keyboard

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Correct Windows 8 Problems

Correct problems with your windows 8 computer; Problems with any computer are bound to happen sooner or later. When running windows 8, there are a few things anyone can do before losing your mind with your computer. One of the

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Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup | PC Repair Services I found this article based on cloud storage.  Should you or shouldn’t you use cloud storage?  In using cloud storage, is your stuff safe? Is cloud storage more secure than what you are using

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Microsoft’s Cortana smarter than Siri?

Microsoft’s Cortana smarter than Siri? Apparently Microsoft is working on this technology.  Microsoft’s Cortana is going to be designed to allow the Windows device to adapt to the end user.  What this means is that your Windows device will eventually anticipate

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Create a timeline in Microsoft Excel

Create a timeline in Microsoft Excel Before you do anything else, backup your stuff…

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Windows 8 useful tips

Windows 8 useful  Tips Here are a few useful tips to help make your Windows 8 experience more enjoyable. Customize Windows 8 Tiles Learn how to make your new Windows 8 start screen more personal by customizing it to your needs. 

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Handy Windows 7 Tips

Handy Windows 7 Tips Here are a few handy windows 7 tips to help improve your experience with understanding Windows and to help you get things done. Search for files FAST Stop hunting around for files you need with Windows

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Hard Drive Back Up

Hard Drive Back up   Don’t let your memories become a thing of the past. Hard drive back up is not something that should be put off until the last minute.  Back up your hard drive using cloud storage.  

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Restore your browsers address bar

Follow these instructions to get your address bar in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Internet Explorer:   From the Menu bar across the top of Internet Explorer click View Next click toolbars, a listing of available toolbars will then be displayed.

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Understanding Windows 8

Having trouble understanding windows 8? Here is a downloadable “how to” guide from Microsoft specifically for understanding windows 8 concerning some popular windows devices to make things a bit easier to understand rather than blindly trying to understand Windows newest operating system.

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