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Muffoletto’s Computer Services offers a complete computer clean up for $100.00! A thorough check and removal of all temporary files, cookies, spyware, malware, adware, pop-ups, viruses with a disk check and defrag. Remote connection can be provided if internet connection is available.

Hard Drive Back Up

Hard Drive Back up   Don’t let your memories become a thing of the past. Hard drive back up is not something that should be put off until the last minute.  Back up your hard drive using cloud storage.  

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Restore your browsers address bar

Follow these instructions to get your address bar in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Internet Explorer:   From the Menu bar across the top of Internet Explorer click View Next click toolbars, a listing of available toolbars will then be displayed.

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Tech Support | Computer Repair

Tired of being transferred out of the country to get tech support for a product that should just “plug and play”?  For a reasonable charge I can walk you through your tech problems with ease.  New device installs, modem or

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Computer Parts

Looking for computer components or maybe a new computer? Just about any technology component, accessory or even a new computer can be found at, my partner company. Computer parts, ram memory, computer cases, new computers, hard to find items

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Save Your Computer

Don’t throw away your computer if it’s just running slow. Has your computer acquired a nasty virus that you can’t get rid of or is it just so bogged down with junk you don’t know what to do? Before you

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Computer virus malware attacks

Be careful opening email attachments.  DO NOT buy any “security product” that mysteriously pops up on your computer desktop telling you “download the program now to get rid of…”  Here is what ABC action news has to say…

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery… Only have one copy of any file you don’t care about losing.  Otherwise, if you care about your files have a backup for data recovery in place 24/7!    

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Computer Repair

Had a great day in LaPorte, IN. today providing on site computer repair.  After a power failure the entire network went down.  Good news is that everything is back up and operational now with the  loss of only one network switch and no data

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Vista Updates

Of course, if you can, the best cure for vista update problems is to upgrade to windows 7.  However, for some people this may not be the best idea for one reason or  another.  REMEMBER, just because your computer is

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Computer Repair

FYI…Please be sure to read every detail before downloading, updating or installing ANY program.  By not doing this, the possibility of installing an unwanted problem is EXTREMELY LIKELY if over looked.  My first computer repair today came from a client

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