Microsoft Windows 10 Features

Microsoft CortanaWindows 10, like it or hate it, provides some helpful features that may prove useful when using this new operating system. First let’s talk Microsoft Cortana. Even though you’ll need a microphone to tell your computer how to serve you, you’ll still have to take some time to get her to know more about you. The more you use her for commands the more you’ll gain the relationship you’re looking for.
Another new feature is the redesigned Windows 10 start menu. Microsoft tried to get away from the traditional start menu when Windows 8 was introduced but later found out that this was not the greatest of decisions. Basically the new start menu that windows 10 boasts are a cross between the start menus in Windows 7 mixed with the start screen found in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 including all the functionality of both.
Windows 10 will allow users to access their files much quicker now and customize that feature differently than before. Now users can perform a quick view of their files or by default and see the most frequently opened and used files to help get searches done a bit quicker.
Like the idea of virtual desktops? You’ll be happy to know that several virtual desktops can be manipulated allowing you to place your apps in discrete places all while being able to share between desktops.
Big brother finally backed off as well! Finally, users can tell when Windows can update and restart your computer when they are ready, not the other way around. Windows 10 updates can even be acquired via other sources, not just through Microsoft. Updates can actually be installed per-to-peer using the appropriate configuration.
Techies and self helpers will love the fact that command prompt tools can be used effortlessly, yes you can copy and paste using the dos commands, edit your options insides command prompt properties.
A video can also be created using windows 10 Game DVR function. This feature is awesome for catching your greatest hits during your favorite game and perhaps even record a “how to” that you create. These features definitely stand out but of course don’t stop here though. To find out more, take advantage of Microsoft’s Windows 10 free download if your computer qualifies or enjoy it on your new computer powered by Microsoft Windows.

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