Do you Google? Searching the internet without being afraid of your computer!

Do you Google? Searching the internet without being afraid of your computer!

To “Google something” is to search the internet for information by using the Google search engine. The Google search engine is a commonly used search engine that helps you find web pages that are important and relevant to your search.
There are other search engines such as, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Find one you are comfortable with and matches your style of learning. Some search engines are easier to navigate then others, but basically, it comes down to personal preference.

Once you have decided on a search engine, ( we will use Google for today’s lesson) you need to type in the engine into your search bar.

The “WWW” stands for World Wide Web. The “web” is where you are getting your information. The search engines, such as Google, help you find the information more efficiently. The white blank bar you see is called the “search bar.” Enter the word or phrase you are seeking to search, for example; bears.
Press the enter key on the right-hand side of your key board that is attached to your computer to get the results of your search.

Start with something easy… let’s search “bears.” When searching the word “bears,” Google will bring up links for you to click with your mouse pointer, to read up on bears. The word “bears,” however, can give you a very wide variety of links to research! To avoid this, you want to narrow your search options. What kinds of bears are you trying to research? Polar bears, Chicago Bears, teddy bears? It is always helpful to type as much information into the Google search bar to get you the information you are looking for quickly.
Let’s pretend we are going to search for “white bears.” How can we narrow this search even further? Are you looking for white teddy bears, white bears in South America, white bear cubs? Maybe you want to know what white baby polar bears eat. Try searching; “white polar bears, cubs, meal source.”
You can also do an image search on the same exact set of words. Go back to your Google search bar and instead of pointing your mouse arrow at the word Web, point and click on the word Images.

Searching for information on your computer is fast and easier than most people image. It may take a little time and practice, but in no time, you will be navigating around the World Wide Web like a pro!

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