How Well Do You Know Your Computer

How Well Do You Know Your Computer?

Let’s face it, in today’s world, almost everything is done electronically. Our address books, our bank statements, our precious photos…they are all stored on our computer. What happens, however if that information is stored on our computer, but our basic knowledge of how to retrieve is minimal? You wait. You wait on a friend or a loved one to get what you could easily retrieve yourself in minutes. The truth is, you CAN learn to use your computer yourself, no matter what your age, educational background, no matter how complicated it appears.
The first thing you need to learn to do is get to know your computer. There are three types of ; Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers and Handheld Computers, also known as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), more commonly known as, tablets, Ipads, Kindles, etc.
There is a lot of technical things I can tell you about your computer, such as the processing speed and the game cards you can use, but for beginners purposes, I will leave those out and just focus on the four general main parts of your computer.

Screen/ Monitors – Most screen/monitors these days are flat instead of the heavier box style. If you have a box style, don’t worry, it will work just fine! This is where you will see all your information, just like a television screen. A few are touch screen, meaning you can use your fingers right on the screen to actually press buttons to make things work. This is true of tablets but is becoming more popular with desktop and laptop style computers. Don’t worry if you don’t have one. You’re computer is not out of date.

Keyboard – They keyboard is where you type your information into your computer. Most keyboards are now set up with a QWERTY layout. This simply means the letters are laid out in the most efficient manner for a faster and smoother typing speed. If you look at your keyboard, you will notice that the top six keys spell QWERTY, which is how it gets its name.
*Note On a tablet or other PDA, the keyboard will be a touch screen but you can usually purchase a plug in mini keyboard if you so chose.
Mouse – Your mouse is what controls where you type on the screen. There are two types; one stays connected to the keyboard by a cord which is convenient because it cannot be lost, the other type is wireless mouse. It is still connected into the keyboard, but only by a plug, allowing for less restrictive movement.
Modem – Your computer’s modem is what communicates all your information to your telephone lines, satellites, and other wireless lines. Your disk drives are also in your modem. The disk drive plays DVDs, CDs, reads hard and floppy disks and one of the transfer your pictures to your computer with a flash drive. (We can discuss this another week)

Each week, I will be bring you straight forward, easy-to-learn information. We will continue to learn more about the computer, how to surf the internet, upload pictures, and other basic computer subjects that will have you going from clueless to confident in no time!

Check back each week, and tell you friends who need the extra computer help! They won’t be sorry.

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