Month: January 2014

Identity Theft Protection – Restoration – Prepaidlegal Services

Identity Theft Protection – Restoration – Prepaidlegal Services Surprised to see so many digital footprints we all leave behind?  Well, this is FACT and our digital footprints keep increasing.  Can we do something about this?  We can’t stop the creation

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Windows 7 Calculator

Windows 7 Calculator The Windows 7 calculator is robust enough to handle not only simple math but far more advanced functions such as statistics, programming and also offers scientific capabilities as well. The calculator can be used via the keyboard

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Windows 7 speed slow

Windows 7 Performance troubleshooter Use the windows 7 performance trouble shooter to help solve problems when your windows 7 computer is running slow. This helpful tool can be found in the control panel. 1. From clicking the start button, find

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Correct Windows 8 Problems

Correct problems with your windows 8 computer; Problems with any computer are bound to happen sooner or later. When running windows 8, there are a few things anyone can do before losing your mind with your computer. One of the

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