Windows 8 useful tips

Windows 8 useful  Tips

Here are a few useful tips to help make your Windows 8 experience more enjoyable.

Customize Windows 8 Tiles

Learn how to make your new Windows 8 start screen more personal by customizing it to your needs.  Move tiles around, resize them even create a group of tiles.

Windows 8 Charms

Move your mouse to the right-hand side of your screen to gain access to search, Share, start, devices and settings using Windows 8 Charms.

Change Windows 8 Start Screen Colors

Make your favorite color a part of your daily computer needs for a more pleasing Windows 8 work environment.

Change Windows 8 Lock Screen

Get personal with the Windows 8 Lock Screen to liven up security.  Choose a picture, add a calendar or even mail

Pin a Windows 8 App to your Task Bar

Access your favorite Windows 8 Apps quickly by pinning them to your task bar.

Windows 8 Hot Corners

Learn what Windows 8 hot corners are and what they are used for.

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