Handy Windows 7 Tips

Handy Windows 7 Tips

Here are a few handy windows 7 tips to help improve your experience with understanding Windows and to help you get things done.

Search for files FAST

Stop hunting around for files you need with Windows Search. Vague terms or exact matches, find your files Fast.

Windows Calculator

Chances are whatever math you need to do, the features found on the improved Windows Calculator, even fuel economy .

Windows Task Bar

Move the Windows Task Bar wherever you want. Put it on the bottom. top or sides. If you find that your tool bar has magically moved on its own and you want to change that position then this tip may help.

Windows Paint

Like to doodle? Windows has added new features to their paint program. Do you have a touch screen? Finger painting may be your favorite pass time once again.

Windows Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes are improved too, change the color, resize, flip through or collapse your notes as well. For those with a tablet pc or touch screen, even more options for input can be utilized.


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