Restore your browsers address bar

Follow these instructions to get your address bar in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Internet Explorer:


  • From the Menu bar across the top of Internet Explorer click View
  • Next click toolbars, a listing of available toolbars will then be displayed.
  • Look for address bar, click that particular choice and this should put a checkmark on the left side to identify it is chosen.
  • If it already has a checkmark, click to remove it and then click it again to chose it
  • Close Internet Explorer and then re-open it

if this does not work then reset Internet Explorer defaults

  • From control panel
  • Click internet options
  • Click the advanced tab

Below the large window you will see restore advanced settings, click that button

  • Below that, click reset
  • A new window will display, click the reset button once more
  • Your settings will be restore to the original settings after that
  • Start/restart Internet Explorer


Mozilla Firefox:

Click view in the menu bar on top of the browser window

  • Scroll until you see toolbars
  • Click toolbars and the listing of available toolbars will be displayed
  • Select Navigation bar to show the address bar
  • Close Firefox and then re-open it

If for some reason this does not work, restore the default settings.

  • Click view
  • Click toolbars
  • Select customize
  • click Restore default set




There is a chance these techniques may not cure your problem.  Spyware or a more serious issue could be causing problems if you find this to be true.

Remember Muffoletto’s Computer Services is just an email or a call away.




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