Top 10 Antivirus programs reviewed

What antivirus software is the best? Here is a link of the top 10 RATED antivirus programs available. Keep in mind these are the programs that have been rated from users that took the time to let others know what they like. Hopefully, the rating system isn’t based purely on sales because sometimes these programs don’t make people happy after they buy them.

If I were asked what to use I would have to say Avast or even the Microsoft Security Essentials. WHY??? Those two programs have caused THE LEAST PROBLEMS of all the others that I have used. Granted, I have discovered first hand that NO ANTIVIRUS PROGRAMS ARE 100% effective. As far as ease of use, dependability including being friendly with other programs I like Avast and Microsoft the best. For those who would like another opinion follow this link and you will see where Corporate America ranks the TOP 10 Antivirus programs. Also, just to prove these are all BIASED REVIEWS, here is another review with a totally different opinion I’m not here to sway you one way or the other, buy what you like and use it as instructed. The only thing I can tell you is I have been been working with this technology for over 10+ years and I am usually operating a computer of some kind most of the day, EVERY DAY.

Bottom line…Less problems for you, the happier you are. That’s the most important job

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