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Muffoletto’s Computer Repair Services provides solutions including virus removal and general computer services quickly and affordably.

Muffoletto’s Computer Services (MCS) can solve your pc repair, virus removal and provide solutions to your general computer challenges quickly without damaging your pocketbook. Our mission is to provide all of our clients peace of mind when dealing with computer repair and virus removal as well as general pc repair & electronic service needs for an excellent price.

Muffoletto’s Computer Repair Services accomplishes all challenges without leaving people feeling “ignorantjust because they experienced a pc repair or virus removal problem that they couldn’t solve or just didn’t have the time to accomplish.  Let’s face it, wouldn’t you like to deal with someone that is interested in helping you understand the issues that you are facing instead of making you feel lost, confused or worse…frustrated?  Too many times stories are heard that this person is too “fast” to show or people are spoken to in a language and not understood.  That sort of behavior will not be found with us.  Have a question? Ask.  Still don’t understand?  We will be with you until you you do.

Our primary goal is to make sure you are more than happy you made the decision to call on us to solve the issue or project at hand.  We know that’s why you called on us in the first place so you don’t have to try to “figure it out” or perform a project all by yourself. Life can be challenging enough without having to find a solution to a challenge outside of your expertise without a helping hand.  Muffoletto’s Computer Services is sure you have your business to run and a life to live so  we will do our best to help you get back on track so you can get back to the things want and need to do.

Don’t worry about disconnecting and reconnecting anything…We come to you!  That’s right, Muffoletto’s Computer Services will come to your home or place of business so you can concern yourself with other activities.  In addition, we understand you need your equipment up and running “yesterday”  so we also do this with a tremendously quick turn around time.  In fact, we prefer things are left as they normally are so we can see the environment that everything is taking place in, this allows the solution to to present itself much quicker.

Virus removals, network issues, upgrades/pc builds, website creation and more can be solved by contacting us now with an email or an old fashioned phone call.  No problems or issues yet?  Feel free to contact us anyway so you can rest easy knowing someone will be there when you need them to be.

Worried about what this might cost? Most computer repair solutions offered can be performed for the same price (or less) as the software that is so readily available everywhere stating that it will do everything for you, but never does and definitely at a fraction of what the “big box” stores say they can do.  In addition, we understand you need your equipment up and running “yesterday”  so we also do this quick and thorough so you can be up and running in what will seem like no time at all.

Muffoletto’s Computer Services can also help you find the new equipment you’re looking for also.  We will take the time to find out exactly what you need, estimate how equipment and installation will cost have it ordered, many times factory direct, thus saving you not only money but your time.  MCS does business with well known companies such Dell, Canon, Acer, HP, Samsung, and many more.  From computers, printers and other peripherals we can also install your video cameras, televisions and other electronic equipment and show you how to use them.

The next time you find yourself scratching your head about any computer repair, virus removal, or service issue or project, please contact us
before assuming
“it will cost too much.”
~Because it won’t.

Remember, “If you’re not happy, then Muffoletto’s Computer Repair Services is not happy.”

– Todd Muffoletto –
~ Owner, Muffoletto’s Computer Services ~