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Muffoletto’s Computer Repair Services provides solutions including virus removal and general computer repair services quickly and affordably.  For much less than what you’d expect, we will have you up and running again quick enough as well as thorough, it’ll seem like nothing even happened in the first place.  Computer programs, pc installs, networking needs, virus removals, website creation and more, Muffoletto’s Computer Services will be with you every step of the way for any of your tech questions and needs.

Muffoletto’s Computer Services (MCS) can solve your pc repair, computer tune up, installs, upgrade or virus removal project and provide solutions to your general computer challenges quickly without damaging your pocketbook.  We believe you don’t have to break that piggy bank just get your tech working properly again.  Muffoletto’s Computer Services understands that you probably be under enough stress with the current tech challenge that we take pride in providing comfort in stead of adding more stress to your current situation. Just because your computer or device seems older but still does what you need it to do, why throw it into a land fill?  Let us tune it up or make the repairs for you to get your device performing like new again.  Our mission at Muffoletto’s Computer Services is to provide all of our clients peace of mind when dealing with computer repair and virus removal as well as general pc repair & electronic service needs for an excellent price.  When repair prices meet or go above the cost of a new device similar to what you have, we don’t blame you for thinking its better to just go buy new and throw away your current tech product.  That’s why we like to keep our prices not only competitive but low enough to allow more thought in keeping and repairing what you have instead of scrapping the old and just buying new.

Muffoletto’s Computer Repair Services accomplishes all challenges without leaving people feeling “ignorantjust because they experience a pc repair challenge or virus removal problem that they couldn’t solve or just didn’t have the time to accomplish.  All projects are treated in the same thorough manor as the next.  Just because there is large difference between a new computer install and a virus removal, doesn’t mean we perform the job requested with any less or more enthusiasm than any other project.  We give everyone the same care, time and understanding with each tech challenge that presents itself.  Let’s face it, wouldn’t you like to deal with someone that is interested in helping you understand the issues that you are facing instead of making you feel lost, confused or worse…frustrated?  Too many times stories are heard that this person is too “fast” to show or people are spoken to in a language and not understood.  That sort of behavior will not be found with us.  Have a question? Ask.  Still don’t understand?  Ask us what concerns you about the work that needs to be performed and we will definitely find you the answer.  At Muffoletto’s Computer Services, there is no such thing as a so called “stupid question”.  This is your equipment we are working on so feel free to ask what you want, as many times as you want until you fully understand what is going to take place.  We will be with you until you understand and are completely comfortable with what needs to be done.

Our primary goal is to make sure you are more than happy you made the decision to call on us to solve the issue or project at hand.  We know that’s why you called on us in the first place so you don’t have to try to “figure it out” or perform a project all by yourself. Life can be challenging enough without having to find a solution to a challenge outside of your expertise without a helping hand.  Muffoletto’s Computer Services is sure you have your business to run and a life to live so  we will do our best to help you get back on track so you can get back to the things want and need to do.

Don’t worry about disconnecting and reconnecting anything…We come to you!  YES! finally a tech service that will come right to your door, and prefers to do so.  That’s right, Muffoletto’s Computer Services will come to your home or place of business so you can concern yourself with other activities.  The last thing we want you to go through is stressing out over cost of repairs, the time loss involved or anything at all.  You have enough in your life going on without having to worry about unplugging this not breaking that and then re-connecting everything when done.  We have clients located in a tri-state area including Northwest Indiana, Chicago land and we travel into certain ares of Michigan.  However, if you are located in an area outside of this then a phone appointment can be made and the possibility of remote connection is available also for less than what you’d except.  In addition, we understand you need your equipment up and running “yesterday”  so we also do this with a tremendously quick turn around time.  In fact, we prefer things are left as they normally are so we can see the environment that everything is taking place in, this allows the solution to to present itself much quicker.

Virus removals, network issues, upgrades/pc builds, website creation and more can be solved by contacting us now with an email or an old fashioned phone call.  No problems or issues yet?  Feel free to contact us anyway so you can rest easy knowing someone will be there when you need them to be.  We would love to establish a relationship with you soon so that you can be comfortable in requesting our help when the time comes.

Virus removals:

When your computer slows down it could mean you may have a virus or computer is just in need of a much needed clean up or “computer tune up“.  Once we see the computer in action and run a diagnostic test on it, the main problem will be revealed and a reasonable estimate will be given.  Perhaps you saw some gimmick on television or visit a website that states by using said product will have you up and running again, don’t trust it.  Every challenge is unique and every challenge needs to handled differently. Many times software will be offered that states it WILL remove the pesky programs that get installed without your knowledge creating all kinds of havoc, only to find out that after that program runs a scan you still have the problem.  Muffoletto’s Computer Services has taken the guess work out of what seems to be a catastrophe.  We will remove the virus and tune up your computer to have it running like new again in a very short period of time.  We do this with you having to buy any extra programs to get the virus out and in most cases without reformatting your computer.  Keep in mind we would love for you us use as a second opinion.  Shop around for both price AND service then come to us, or just come to us first.  We will take the time to get to know you and your tech needs and take the time to fully understand your equipment.  Once we get meet you and see what kind of devices you are using we can let you know what you’re up against with each virus or repair challenge even if we are a second opinion, you might be surprised what we all learn.

Data Recovery:

Personally, I can’t stress enough to back up ALL of your files…pictures AND documents both.  Anything that resides on your computer should always be backed up, no matter if you think you’ll need it or not.  It’s always much better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it.  However, if you have lost your precious files, all is not lost…

Have you lost your precious memories or much needed information before you could back them up?  Obviously, sometimes the best defense is good offense, backing up your data is no exception.  At the time of reading this do yourself a favor and back your files up if you haven’t already.  Use a cd’s or dvd’s, usb drive, portable hard drive or my personal favorite, a cloud backup service.  All of these choices are better than not backing up at all but keep in mind everything but a cloud service can get lost, stolen, dry rot or break, precisely why I prefer a cloud service as the superior choice.

What happens now if you didn’t back up your files and hard drive fails you?  I can perform an extensive recovery on your hard drive even if your drive doesn’t appear to be accessible.  Even if someone else has already told you your files are not recoverable, give us the chance as a second or third opinion, as we have recovered files when others said it was impossible.  Worried about paying for the work with no files found?  Don’t worry about such things.  When we perform a recovery and come back with nothing, we won’t charge you for the recovery.


Wireless, wired or both, we’ve got your networking needs covered.  No matter if you have a mix of devices such as computers (pc’s, laptops or Macs), printers, tablets or other devices we’ll have you fully connected and operational in no time at all.

Worried about what this might cost? Most computer repair solutions offered can be performed for the same price (or less) as the software that is so readily available everywhere stating that it will do everything for you, but never does and definitely at a fraction of what the “big box” stores say they can do.  In addition, we understand you need your equipment up and running “yesterday”  so we also do this quick and thorough so you can be up and running in what will seem like no time at all.

Laptop Repair:

When your laptop fails choose us to repair it for not only a thorough job but enjoy a quick turn around time as well.  Many of the big-box stores will have you pay for shipping up front to have your laptop sent out then you wait…and then wait…and then wait some more.  When you get done waiting you can be hit with a very expensive bill as well.  Muffoletto’s Computer services won’t make you wait like the “big guys” do.  Instead, we will evaluate the challenge and get to work on your laptop right away.

New computer or device:

When the time comes to purchase new equipment and need it set up and or simple to understand instructions to operate that device, we’ll be there to help.  Buying a new computer or device can come with an array of responsibilities with that purchase.  With a new computer purchase, one can look forward to a possible new operating system to understand.  In addition, how about transferring your old information to your new computer also?  In the market for a new tablet to make your life easier or perhaps a new phone device to keep the lines of communication open?  Let us know before you buy and we can direct you to what we recommend that would suit you best.   How about a new printer or scanner purchase?  Finding a way to print your photos is a must for some of us. Wouldn’t it be great to find out exactly what machine would give you the most bang for the buck? Rest assured we will be there every step of the way to help ease the

Muffoletto’s Computer Services can also help you find the new equipment you’re looking for also.  We will take the time to find out exactly what you need, estimate how equipment and installation will cost have it ordered, many times factory direct, thus saving you not only money but your time.  MCS does business with well known companies such Dell, Canon, Acer, HP, Samsung, and many more.  From computers, printers and other peripherals we can also install your video cameras, televisions and other electronic equipment and show you how to use them.


With so many small businesses out there a new website is an excellent way to get your product or service out there.  We can create a website for you or in some cases add on to what you already have in place.  After a website is built by Muffoletto’s Computer Services, we will show you how to make desired updates to it or we can make the changes for you for a nominal fee.  We can also help get you placed accordingly so you’ll actually be found on the internet, not just have a website.

The next time you find yourself scratching your head, cursing your device or just get plainly frustrated about any computer repair, virus removal, or service issue or project, please contact us  we want to save you money as well as time.
before assuming
“it will cost too much.”
~Because it won’t.

Remember, “If you’re not happy, then Muffoletto’s Computer Repair Services is not happy.”

– Todd Muffoletto –
~ Owner, Muffoletto’s Computer Services ~

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